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Though I’m sure you all thought I was dead, I assure you I’m not. I just switched focus in my life. I moved on from web and graphic design full time, to locksmithing and security. However, design is in my blood, and I can’t help myself. I still have to code now and then.

So here is my latest site for my tattoo artist, Hold Fast Tattoo’s

Hope you enjoy it, and if your ever in Ottumwa Iowa, and need some ink hit Jessica up, she’s super! ;)



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I know it has been FOREVER since I last updated this website, I have just gotten really busy with my personal life, as well as professional. However, I’m working on some new projects, as well as some new Open Source designs. I’m also working on some video tutorial’s and updating my Icon Buffet Out of Token’s Avatar Generator

Hopefully I will be making a comeback in a big way. YAY!


New Projects - SOLITARE?

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solitareHello, I just wanted a few people to beta test a game I’m working on for an up and coming client. It’s in beta stages, it’s just your basic solitaire game. Right now it works fine, I’m planning on adding some Ajax goodness, like double click aces to holding area, transparent drag and drop, and some score keeping function somehow. If anyone has a good idea on how to “score” on solitaire please let me know, right now my only idea is how long it takes you to win. I think that’s about it right now. So please, check out the game and let me know what you think.


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