New Website Launched

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Though I’m sure you all thought I was dead, I assure you I’m not. I just switched focus in my life. I moved on from web and graphic design full time, to locksmithing and security. However, design is in my blood, and I can’t help myself. I still have to code now and then.

So here is my latest site for my tattoo artist, Hold Fast Tattoo’s

Hope you enjoy it, and if your ever in Ottumwa Iowa, and need some ink hit Jessica up, she’s super! ;)


Site Redesign

The site will be going through some changes over the next week or two. So please bare with me, I think when I’m done it it should be fresh, and easier to navigate.



I don’t know how, I guess I have just been really busy, and have neglected my portfolio. Do Not fear though, a redesign, and streamline is coming. However, I would like to take the time, to pimp my latest project/creation. No Coast Studios.

No Coast, is my jump into the world of comics, Though, I have always liked to draw, and have spent more then my fair share of time, reading the funny pages, and delving into worlds of super powers, and heroes. I never really believed I would ever be a part of the production of such material.

Then I happen to be talking to a long time friend, chuck roberts, and he had started writing a book, and I started talking about getting a website up for him, next thing I know, I have started coloring/lettering and co-writing an online comic strip entitled The Mondays as well, as working on possibly publishing our own book, after the pitch to Image.

So anyways, thats what has been keeping me busy, so check out No Coast, let us know what you think, and I DO have some new templates I will be updating sometime real soon, so don’t worry. :)

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