Site Redesign

The site will be going through some changes over the next week or two. So please bare with me, I think when I’m done it it should be fresh, and easier to navigate.


I don’t know how, I guess I have just been really busy, and have neglected my portfolio. Do Not fear though, a redesign, and streamline is coming. However, I would like to take the time, to pimp my latest project/creation. No Coast Studios.

No Coast, is my jump into the world of comics, Though, I have always liked to draw, and have spent more then my fair share of time, reading the funny pages, and delving into worlds of super powers, and heroes. I never really believed I would ever be a part of the production of such material.

Then I happen to be talking to a long time friend, chuck roberts, and he had started writing a book, and I started talking about getting a website up for him, next thing I know, I have started coloring/lettering and co-writing an online comic strip entitled The Mondays as well, as working on possibly publishing our own book, after the pitch to Image.

So anyways, thats what has been keeping me busy, so check out No Coast, let us know what you think, and I DO have some new templates I will be updating sometime real soon, so don’t worry. :)


The new kids on the block

Hello all, I know I haven’t updated for awhile now, well, I have. Just not the front page. :) But finally I have something to update you about. As you may, or may not know I used to have a lot of my designs on Open Web Design. Well, that has now changed, I’m currently trying to get my designs removed from that site, though it is not going well. It is under a new owner who decided it would be ok, to place spam links in all the designs as they are downloaded, messing up my hard fought for validation, and without the common courtesy to at the very least inform the designers, who’s content makes up his site, what his intentions where.

The Backlash

Well, I’m not the only one who found this to be a problem, in fact so many designers had an issue with this, that we have started our own board driven version of the site. By board driven I mean, that we “as a community of designers” elected 3 admins, and are soon to elect 10 moderators, who will help shape the future of our new venture. This will be a non-profit start-up, and has already gathered quite a buzz. The whole thing was put together, coded, and a community was built in less then a week. So from now on, it will be the home of all my designs. Including some new exclusive designs that will only be available through Open Designs

So please support, and help us gather momentum by spreading the word. Is Open And Ready To Go

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