New Template - NoName

A new design, please enjoy. and as always, Let me know what you think!

My as well let you know what else has been going on, while I’m posting. I’m working on a new projects. A much nicer system for uploading, and displaying/maintaing templates. It’s loosley based around what I assume the backend of places like OSWD work like. I will update you more on it as the time comes. Besides that, I haven’t had the time to do much as of late, I have started on the fall reboot, thats another thing I will let you know more about in the future.

Anyways, like I said, enjoy the design, and I will keep you posted on anymore projects I may be working on.


OSWD - NoName

noname 1
I haven’t released anything in awhile. So here’s a new design, thats not really new. I just never got around to finishing it up. warningIf I remeber right this has issues with IE, but it validates. So I’m releasing it anyways!

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