Travelogue Version 2.5

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I took over a theme for a guy awhile ago, and I put it on the backburner. I started working on it again, You can download the current theme @ theme.wordpress.net
I will be adding gravatar, ajax comments, and widget support in the next few days, as well as a complete graphic redesign. I hope you enjoy it when it’s done!


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  • a gravatar Don Said:

    It appears to be very broken right now.

  • a gravatar DENiAL Said:

    It’s not broken, it’s the way wordpress.net installs it’s templates, it has a little extra stuff that needs installed, and they don’t do that. If you look around there are alot of templates that appear broke, but are in fact not. :)

  • a gravatar Four Lil' Feet Said:

    So glad to see you’re going to be working on this! I just installed 2.0 today and grabbed the fix that others had posted on their blogs. Is there any reason to install 2.5 while waiting for a newly updated one? Or is the working 2.0 sufficient! Thanks!

  • a gravatar DENiAL Said:

    Yeah, the 2.5 is just with the fix installed. Wait for 3.0, then download. :)

  • a gravatar Tim Said:

    Sure, notify me when 2.5 is ready. And make it LOOk like a travel blog without going nuts :)

  • a gravatar David Said:

    Are you still planning on updating this theme?

  • a gravatar DENiAL Said:

    I have started back at updating this theme. The problem is, The way the original author coded it, he basiclly added widgets, before there were widgets. So I have to rip all that out, without ruining the theme, and with all the admin backend options, this is no easy task. But I have got the new design done, and added widget support, it’s just a matter of removing the old coding, and keeping it working now. :)

  • a gravatar bArtAA Said:

    Well, good to here Travelogue is still alive! ;-)
    I’m still using version 1.03 but would like to upgrade to version 2.5 (or the new version with widget-support).

    So good luck with the theme, hope you get it working.



  • a gravatar d'Artagnan Said:

    Also glad finding a future for this theme! Any schedule?

  • a gravatar Ashley Said:

    Hi, I’m so glad to see that you took over the Travelogue2 template. I just updated my blog with it and customized it a bit to fit my design/colors ect.

    I do have one question that you may be able to answer for me:

    On the left sidebar at the very bottom is there a missing code for the sidebarbg-bottom.jpg to come into place?

    I have searched every line of text trying to find where it goes and it seems to be missing. Do you know what code I insert and where to make it work?

    Thanks so much! Please email me if you have a fix for it.

  • a gravatar David Said:

    I love using this theme. Any idea when version 2.5 will be ready? Is it compatible with WP 2.1?

  • a gravatar Dustin Said:

    Any news on this? I’m anxiously awaiting a widget supporting version!

  • a gravatar bArtAA Said:

    DENiAL, are you still working on the Travelogue-theme ?

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