Travelogue Version 2.5

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I took over a theme for a guy awhile ago, and I put it on the backburner. I started working on it again, You can download the current theme @ theme.wordpress.net
I will be adding gravatar, ajax comments, and widget support in the next few days, as well as a complete graphic redesign. I hope you enjoy it when it’s done!



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dubddJust moved, and made live, DJ Double D. A local DJ, and friend of mine who asked if I would create a website were he could showcase his music easily. I will add more features as he needs them, but currently I consider it a finished project, so head over, check out my design work, and his mixes, and let us both know what you think!


Updated my templates page

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Another quick note, I have now updated my templates page so I’am able to update easier, I also added a nice ajax voting system. So if you download, and use my templates would you please take the time to vote for them as well. I just would like too know what are peoples favorites so I know what to do, and what not to do. I also made each template have it’s own page where you can now comment. So please do that as well.

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