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There are thousands of tutorials out there that teach you how to use software like Photoshop to make logo’s, layouts, and general graphic design.

However, there isn’t the abundance of tutorials on the actual process of starting with nothing, and visualizing the finished process. This is where Im trying to fill the void. this is of course how I do it. By no means is this the absolute correct way, or the only way. This is just my process. There is a great forum post/discussion going on @ openwebdesign.org about the process of web design. Definitely worth checking out! This is actually what inspired me to write this. On with the tutorial, enough fluff? ^^

I almost always start out with a logo design, by first really thinking about the company, and or individual the logo is for. For this tutorial, the design will be made for a webring. I volunteered to make a logo for TagWorld Kid Safe Sites. The basic concept as written by the founder:

A Kid Safe World on Tagworld. Members are committed to a keeping a clean site void from Porn, Profanity, Excessive Violence — Basically a G-Rated site. While also, avoiding direct links to sites with such material.

I liked the idea, especially in this day and age of myspace horror stories all over the news, and whenever I get a chance to help. I do.

So as I was saying, you really have to put some thought in to what you are doing before you even open up your graphic design program of choice. think about things like.

  • Does the company already have a logo?
    If so, do you want to revamp said logo, or create it from scratch.

  • Is the company already branded buy a color scheme?
    It would be a bad idea to use pink and black to create a John Deere logo.

  • What does the company sell?
    You may want to use the products in the logo design.

  • What is the companies name?
    You never know when the name could lend itself to a design. ex:Shell Petroleum Company

I really do think (pun intended) that this the step of thinking about what your doing before you begin is all to often overlooked, and skipped. A good logo, not only has to look good, it also has to portray the product, and or service quickly, and efficiently .

The next thing I like to do, once again before even opening up a piece of software, is to sketch out some ideas. You do not have to be an artist by any means. This just really helps you visualize the finished product, and get all your ideas on paper. It also makes it much easier to choose what it is you want to end up with.

With the Tagworld Kids Safe log I sketched a few pages of ideas, and it really helped me develop what I was trying to accomplish.
As you can see, I started out with no real concrete idea. But I did develop where I was going. Once I had what I thought would be the best design, I sketched it out individually.
Like I said, though I do draw, there really is no reason to spend much time on making it look good. just get your idea down, and have some reference to work from.

Ok, now you can open up your design software. I use photoshop, I have been using it for years, and it’s what most comfortable for me to use. Though there are many more “fish in the sea” so to speak, as far as software goes. This is just a tool, and really should be treated that way.

After checking my reference, I got rid of a couple of things, and changed a little bit here and there, I now have a finished product. Of course this doesn’t mean your done. You will usually have to send your design to the client, and they will send it back with suggestions, and things the would like changed, or kept. Lucky for me, I did not have to do that with this design. She loved it, and Im able to move on the the next project.
kidsafe big
I will alliterate once again, this is how I do things, there is a plethora of different concepts on design. This is the process that works for me, and I know a lot of other designers go about there process in a similar fashion.

If you would like to ask me any questions, or leave a comment please do, and of course, Im always up for a new project, so HIRE ME! :)


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